TWA Airline brats part 1

So my sister who is the greatest sister in the world and expecting her first child in the next 6 weeks suggested I start using this blog to chronicle our great adventures when we were kids and used to be able to fly for free. Yes, there was a time, long ago, when our dad worked for a great airline called TWA. This is more for our kids in case we get too senile to tell these great stories.

The Term Pass


We had a little green card called a term pass, It looked like a credit card and had our pictures on it. It allowed us to print tickets and then write out those tickets to basically any destination that TWA serviced. There was a catch.

You needed to to make sure that there room on the flight because you were, after all, a standby passenger. But those were the good old days. Before frequent flyers hogged all the seats and flying was reserved for the elite. So there usually were some seats left over. I remember in my college years I was even able to time some return on Thanksgiving, which would be unheard of nowadays.

But there we were, waiting, anticipating, not knowing until the last minute whether we we would make the flight.

Now, I don’t know if my sister remembers this, but while computer have been around for a very long time in aviation, when we were kids, the boarding passes looked more like this. There was big map with a whole bunch of stickers laid out like the aircraft seat map. The stickers would be peeled off and put on boarding passes. That is how people got seat assignments! To think nowadays how we change five times online before we even get to the airport!!!!Ephemera,_Defunct_airlines,_TWA_boarding_pass,_New_York_to_London_1970_-_Flickr_-_PhillipC

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