One can dream right? After all, that is what Lotto is for…..


Unless you’re insanely loaded, are a professional travel hacker or have run a successfully run acontroversial Kickstarter campaign, chances are you probably haven’t flown in Singapore Airlines absurdly luxurious suites. Perhaps Singapore’s new premium economy is more your speed — and according to the reviews that have been pouring in this week, the airline’s newest class is something to get excited about.

But according to sources at Singapore, this is just the beginning of what appears to be a complete overhaul of its premium classes.

Singapore revolutionized modern luxury air travel when it launched its suites in 2007, and 10 years later the suite class still makes most of the rest of the airline industry gush in admiration (not only at the service — which includes lobster, lie-flat beds, and apparently rose petals – but also at a price tag that’s upwards of $17,000 on the 14 destinations of its Airbus A380). But in recent years, Emirates, and especially Etihad with its excessive residences (yep, there are showers), have matched and surpassed Singapore’s product.

Singapore has already updated the color scheme to give it a refreshed feel (and to match the color palette of its new First Class cabins on smaller 777 aircraft) but in two years, its most luxurious product could have a completely different look.

A source at Singapore Airlines confirmed to Road Warrior Voices that changes are indeed coming, but the airline is keeping very quiet about the future, even among those working at the company. Regardless, he said Singapore probably will not make any official upgrades until Emirates releases its new premier product. While he said he’s not sure if the airline is specifically waiting for Emirates, Singapore would hate to release the new product only to have Emirates steal its thunder:

“Any airline will tell you that new cabin products take several years to plan and launch. We design our products to stay at the top of our game.”

We can’t imagine Singapore or Emirates getting any more excessive than an on-board shower (even if they wanted to), because what could be next? A sauna? Massages? Flight attendants to feather you and feed you grapes?

Right now, we can only imagine, and until then, we’ll be planning our Kickstarter video.

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