Airline tickets will reportedly drop to their cheapest price in years

If it’s fear of an empty wallet that’s keeping you from booking that next flight, there’s good news from Hopper, the airfare prediction app that analyzes “data sets comprising billions of flight prices to help travelers find the right destination for their budget.”

According to its Consumer Airfare Index released this week, Hopper projects the average cost of domestic airfare will drop to $248 this fall, a 3.6% decrease from last year and 8.1% decrease from fall of 2013.

Although predictions are always fickle, Hopper has been consistently on point about the following month’s domestic airfare since releasing the first Index in April, with a margin of error of less than $5. Patrick Surry, Hopper’s chief data scientist said in a press release:

“This fall is shaping up as a great time to book air travel. Lower fuel prices and increased competition from the low cost carriers look set to drive prices lower than we’ve seen since we started tracking consumer airfare almost four years ago.”

Graphic by Hopper

Here’s what else the report reveals:

  • June had the highest airline prices of the year, at an average of $276, but still down 7.1% compared to 2014
  • Travelers are searching for flights a full 33 days ahead of time this year, 10 days sooner than last year.
  • Prices from Charlotte Airport in North Carolina leapt the most from May to June, with an increase of 9.4% or $28. They dropped the most at Miami, down 8.67% or down $22, and a whopping a 24% cheaper than June 2014.
  • The most expensive states to fly from this month are also some of the least visited: Wyoming, North Dakota, and Arkansas with average prices over $400. At the cheapest end are Massachusetts, Maryland, and Nevada, with prices just over $200
  • Wyoming also tops the list of most expensive states to fly to, at an average of $513 per ticket, followed by North Dakota ($461) and Arkansas ($411) again. The cheapest states are led by Missouri ($225) followed by Florida ($230) and Nevada ($232)

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