Scottish couple’s Vegas vacation jeopardized after they book flights from the OTHER Glasgow

Photo: Jimmy Emerson/Flickr

Did you know there was a Glasgow, Montana? The county seat of Valley County has a population of 3,250, a Pioneer Museum and an airport that has daily service to Billings. And that’s where the problems started for Jack and Mary MacQueen. The Scottish couple thought they’d found a bargain when they were able to get flights from Glasgow to Las Vegas for £647 ($1,009) in September, but when they looked at the departure airport written on their e-tickets, they realized that they’d made a mistake, one that was 3,973 miles to the east.

Mary said that she was booking the trip through GoToGate, a United Kingdom-based travel site, and that she’d double-checked every detail, before accidentally selecting the Glasgow, Montana airport – which, confusingly, is also called the Glasgow International Airport – from the drop-down list. She told the Daily Record:

I had no idea there was a Glasgow anywhere else in the world. I got the fright of my life when I saw the e-tickets. You really couldn’t make this up.

Mary said she contacted Gotogate to explain the situation and see about either getting a refund or getting re-booked on a flight that departed from, you know, the country where they lived. After six weeks, the MacQueens were still getting an endless runaround, as the booking site and the airline pointed fingers at each other. Eventually – thanks to the efforts of the Daily Record (and perhaps the fear of bad press) – the MacQueens are getting a refund and help with booking new tickets for the right Glasgow. It’s a shame they’ll miss the Pioneer Museum, though.

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