Next week is the cheapest time to book your holiday travel — and could save you almost 20%

Photo: Skyscanner

August expenses are usually of the beach vacation, block party or back-to-school shopping variety. Thoughts of gift-giving, cooking for 20 members of your extended family, and holiday travel booking are supposed to be safely tucked away in the back of your brain. But a new study revealsthat the best time to purchase holiday airfare is much sooner than many of us may think.

The week of August 10, as in next week, is the most opportune time to buy flights during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays, according to global travel search engine,Skyscanner.

The study claims that booking Christmastime flights – that’s anything between December 20 and 28 – 19 weeks out will save you an impressive 18.7% compared to booking at other times of the year. New Year’s Eve flights booked that same August week – anything between December 27 and January 4 – will shave 14.4% off of your total costs.

While savvy Turkey Day travel won’t net you quite as significant of a savings, Thanksgiving flightsshould be purchased 15 weeks out for an average price cut of 5.4%. That timeframe coincides perfectly with the lucky week of August 10. Winner, winner, turkey dinner!

Those of you hoping to spend the next month replenishing your thirsty bank account after splurging this summer, fear not. While the savings won’t be quite as large, Skyscanner’s research highlights the weeks of August 31 and September 28 as your next best bets for booking Christmas and New Year’s travel, if you haven’t been budgeting just yet for an airfare splurge next week.

Skyscanner is doling out this advice based on analysis of 2014’s airfare pricing peaks and valleys. Data from the same period on how to avoid awkward family dinner smalltalk was unfortunately inconclusive. But when in doubt, retreat to the kids table.

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