You can now review TSA checkpoints on Yelp

Photo by Dan Paluska

Travelers now have a designated public forum to tell the TSA how they *really* feel, and it comes in the form of Yelp.

In an excited blog post on its official site, Yelp announced a new agreement with the U.S. federal government that releases the kraken, allowing agencies — TSA included — to establish official pages on Yelp that will allow them to “read and respond to reviews, and incorporate that feedback into service improvements.” The important part here isn’t what the federal agencies can do, of course, but what we the people can do. And that’s leave reviews in a place where agencies will, supposedly, read them, rather than having to shout aimlessly into the social media abyss.

The arrangement extends far and wide, including national parks and social security offices, too.

TSA checkpoints haven’t racked up too many reviews yet, but if Yelp airport reviews are any indicator, there will be a lot of unloading happening on the TSA Yelp pages. The LAX TSA checkpoint has more than 70 reviews at the time of writing, with a two-star average. Here’s a taste of the reviews so far:

Bobi S.:

Those A**HOLES. I bought 3 bottles of very expensive wine from NAPA and had them in my suitcase wrapped up perfectly with a bunch of saran wrap and tissue paper. I got home and found my lock missing and a bottle of wine GONE with the wrappings thrown all over as well as my bottle of olive oil. JEEZ!

I DIDN’T KNOW YOU GUYS WERE SUCH POOR MOFOs that would stoop so low to STEAL A BOTTLE OF WINE AND OLIVE FROM MY BAG. AND on top of that they left me a notice saying “TO PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FELLOW PASSENGERS….” we had to check your bag.

Yeah. Protect me from over-imbibing my hundred dollar chardonnay and a bottle of olive oil?


Matthew S.:

Throwing this out there-
My plane has never been bombed or hijacked.
I have never died from an aggressive or psychotic or extremist individual with a weapon while flying from LAX.
People rate TSA?  Dumb.  If you have the ability to rate, they probably did their job.
Know the rules, prepare yourself for the line, it’s really up to the flyers to keep the lines moving.

Chris G.:

Yes I got anal probed at TSA and everyone is either like ‘I hope he was cute’ or well I bet they didn’t stick their fingers THAT high. Seriously, I am then so grateful for decency and that my big Mexican drug baggie was high enough to be tucked behind some rectal curves. Asswipes.

Kc J.:

Got therough and to my gate in five min flat. Tip: pants without belt needed and flip flops…no jewelry (i put on my jewelry after and a change of clothes if you have a date waiting for you when you land) and use your phone as your e ticket..also pack carryons. Its jist.easier.amd quicker. Great!

Johnny N.:

The TSA at LAX is an island of mediocrity in a sea of horrendous government bureaucracy designed to trick the public into thinking they’re safe.

I’ve seen policies and basic rules broken left and right.  I’ve seen screeners on power trips over cowering unknowing passengers.  They almost managed to destroy my laptop, then laughed about it.

Turnover is high here, so you have a lot of workers who are bad because they’re not trained nor experienced.  Then you have a whole other population of screeners who are just plain bad at their jobs.

I wish I could give a 1/2 star for the federal security director (FSD) of LAX for actually emaling me and apologizing for the laptop incident.

If I could not fly out of LAX just to avoid the TSA here I would, but unfortunately LAX is one of those gateways to the world.  Best of luck to everyone.

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