Google now reads your emails, tells your calendar what your travel plans are

Gmail for business travelPhoto credit: Google

If you’re still wondering whether Google is reading your email, wonder no longer! Google, in its latest attempt to be your stalkerish personal assistant, is synchronizing its Calendar app with your email, so that when you make new plans and appointments, they’ll show up in your calendar automatically.

The stated goal of the feature is to make business travel easier. In order to accomplish this, Google pulls travel data from emails in your Gmail account, including flight itineraries, dinner reservations, movie ticket purchases, appointment confirmations and the like. In a press release, Google writes:

“The Internet has made business travel—booking flights and hotels, reserving restaurant tables, buying event tickets, and more—infinitely easier. Adding that information to a calendar, on the other hand, has remained time-consuming and tedious.”

I guess that’s true, especially if you really hate copying and pasting. If Google wants to do my administrative tasks, it’s welcome to stalk me all it wants. I’ll admit that the feature has some pretty cool functions, like logging flight numbers and check-in times, and automatically updating your calendar if any delays or cancellations occur.

If you’re not into having Google read your emails, you can disable the synchronization in settings. Even with the feature in place, you’ll be able to manually adjust privacy settings and delete any unwanted events — you know, in case you’re really really trying to pretend to forget about that one Tinder date.

The feature will not be available to Google Apps for anyone with a government email address. You know, because there are some people that even Google won’t stalk.

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