WOW Air once again offering dirt cheap transatlantic flights

Photo credit, WOW Air

Make no mistake about it: this is no mistake airfare. The recently announced sale from Iceland’s low-fare WOW Air will surely leave you saying “wow” once you reach the checkout page on the budget airline’s website. Airfare between its U.S. destinations of Baltimore/Washington and Boston to London Gatwick are as low as $150 each way, including taxes.

Budgeteers willing to eat before the flight, travel light, and risk the wrath of being assigned a middle seat are in luck. Food on board, checked baggage, and seat assignments (including the option to block the middle seat next to you) all raise the needle on the overall price.

Travel with your own entertainment since this no-frills airline won’t ply you with free cocktails or the latest Hollywood flick. Flights connect through the airline’s hub in Reykjavik with just over an hour of ground time, but for flyers crammed into WOW’s tight, all-economy class seating that might be a welcome stop for a leg stretch. The deal is available on the airline’s website for travel between October 1 and December 15 and between January 10 and March 10. Since this is a one-way fare sale price, it is available in either direction whether starting in the U.S. or London.

This isn’t the first time the airline has offered cheap transatlantic fares — most recently WOW offered $99 one-way fares to Paris and Amsterdam, but the cheapest tickets were snagged up almost as soon as they went on sale, so don’t wait if you want any chance at scoring round trip tickets as low as $300.

WOW Air has an expanding network across Europe, giving U.S.-based travelers numerous options to fly abroad for cheap. Unlike Icelandair, Wow Air does not offer a free stopover in Iceland, so those wishing to take a dip in the Blue Lagoon or visit one of the island’s famous volcanoes will have to put those plans on hold.

Even if flying further afield from London, this discount airfare pairs perfectly with the variety of low-fare carriers that fly from London Gatwick airport. Just be sure to pack light as the meager carry-on allowance for WOW Air weighs in at a wimpy 11 pounds.

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