Members-only Set Jet promises “better than first class” air travel

Photo: Set Jet, Facebook

West Coast-based members-only luxury airline Set Jet is getting into the daily flights grind,announcing a schedule of routes between Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Las Vegas. You’ve never flown on a members-only luxury airline and don’t know what to expect, you say?

Set Jet describes itself as, ahem, “a Membership based social network and private jet charter flight platform, available exclusively for its security pre-screened and approved Members”. And as such, the far majority of us will never actually buckle into one of the company’s Bombardier Challenger 850 or CRJ200 private jets for a jaunt off to a luxury vacation. I’ve made my peace with that. Still, it is equal parts exciting and eye-rolling to read about what the company is working to accomplish.

Set Jet flights can be booked (by members) as little as 30 minutes before a departing flight. If you’re the type to not cut it quite so tight when it comes to boarding, you can enjoy access to the company’s private lounge in its own VIP terminal. Up in the air in one of just 15 sumptuous seats aboard the plane, enjoy complimentary cocktails made with top shelf liquor. All of this adds up to what Trey Smith, President of Set Jet, calls “better than first class travel”.

Set Jet membership will set you back $99.95 each month, with one-way flights on the aforementioned routes costing an additional $399. I think it’s safe to say at this point that the general public is familiar enough with the concept of a brand new transportation company with an untraditional business model. If anything, we’ve come to expect it. A similar members-only airline just kicked off daily all-you-can-fly service in New York, D.C. and Boston after all.

The test for Set Jet and the like will just be time.

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