You have ONE DAY to book Virgin America first class tickets for less than coach

Photo: Kentaro IEMOTO, Flickr

Photo: Kentaro IEMOTO/Flickr

Virgin America is celebrating the most American of holidays (OK, maybe second most) with an incredible Thanksgiving week 50% off sale on First Class and Main Cabin Select tickets, in effect making it cheaper to fly first class than it is to travel coach.

There are some majorly tight restrictions here, so you’re going to have to get booking almost immediately. The sale ends at 11:59 Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 11. But for those of you who have room to spare on that credit card balance, use the code POSH at checkout on any nonstop or connecting travel routes between Thursday, November 19 and Friday, November 27 to score the sweet savings.

We previewed the deal ourselves (wishful thinking!), comparing prices on flights from San Francisco to Boston, and the deals speak for themselves. Regular prices for the trip:

Screenshot: Virgin

Screenshot: Virgin

Aaaaand the POSH discount prices:

Screenshot: Virgin

Screenshot: Virgin

First class tickets will actually cost you less than seats in the main cabin on that redeye flight, and that’s hardly the only deal worth taking advantage of. But again, remember that the POSH promo ends extremely soon. For a full list of restrictions, or just to have an excuse to “accidentally” book a trip out of town this month, check out the Virgin America POSH promo page. Happy Thanksgiving!

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