Apple ensures you’ll always have enough juice with official 25-hour iPhone battery case

Photo: Apple

Rejoice, weary travelers. For this day brings news of a miracle from Cupertino. After eight long years of questionable battery performance for its iPhone, Apple has finally released an official iPhone battery case.

Apple claims the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case packs enough punch to extend talk time on your phone upwards of 25 hours, or let you use the internet for 18 hours (over LTE). Hardware and software unite between the case and your phone’s current version of iOS, providing users with some new notifications displaying battery life. And while we don’t see any mention on the case’s product page in Apple’s online store, The Verge notes that the case packs some built-in extra antennas to boost cell signal.

Is it the best case available on the market? Only time (and the internet) will tell. Regardless, it is exciting to see Apple finally plunge into a pool that so many people have been treading while waiting for an official, Apple-ordained lifesaver for their worn out devices. Still, some users may find themselves scratching their heads over the case’s design. It’s already been called an iPhone 6s pregnant with an alien, and been compared to an iPhone that ate an iPod.

Business travelers may find Apple’s official smart case a particularly smart addition to their usual travel arsenal. Unlike competitor cases, Apple’s new product charges in tandem with just the iPhone’s lightning cable, meaning you don’t have to travel with any additional wires or accessories just to keep the case juiced up enough to actually be of use.

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